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Prevail8 now Available

Areté Inc., a firm specializing in supply chain management solutions, has announced that Prevail8 is now available. Areté Prevail is a state-of-the-art demand planning application that can be used to create accurate Weekly Sales Forecasts. Prevail8 was developed to provide an integrated forecasting solution that is more flexible, powerful, responsive, secure and measurable than prior Prevail versions. Detailed forecasts developed within Prevail8 are designed to roll-up to highly accurate operational forecasts (by Product x Warehouse x Day) which are utilized within a Replenishment Planning System. Areté plans to retire the legacy Prevail7 application by the end of 2011, and we strongly encourage all clients to upgrade to Prevail8 as soon as possible to realize the significant benefits outlined below.

  • Flexible Forecasting Models
    • More dimensions of data
    • Sophisticated methodologies for bundling and slicing data
  • Powerful Forecasting Techniques
    • Enhanced ability to handle exceptions
    • Advanced statistical tools
    • Improved management of seasonality
  • Seamless Application Interface Management
  • Integrated Solution for Tactical and Operational Demand Planning
  • Responsive Forecasting Solution
    • Increased amount of data supported
    • Standardized approach to information and interfaces
    • Automated seasonality and predefined vista assignments
    • Easier offline editing
    • More ways of reviewing forecast data
  • Secure Forecasting System
  • Measurable Forecasting Process
    • Detailed review process
    • Editions
    • Scenarios

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Avail6 with Safeguard™

Areté Inc., a firm specializing in supply chain management solutions, has announced the release of Avail6 with Safeguard™, the latest in the Avail suite of integrated supply planning tools. Avail 6.0 helps plants schedule production, raw materials, material batches, orders, and deployments to distribution centers, as well as provide historical inventory reconciliation and variance reporting. Avail6 operates in an updated environment with an enhanced user interface and more efficient administrative routines. In Avail6, Areté introduces an inventory policy management tool and Safeguard™ technology that is specifically designed to further minimize the risk of stock-out across the source network. These new features assist planning managers in controlling inventory levels while ensuring the highest levels of availability for clients' most profitable products. Significant new features in Avail6 include:

  • Enhanced Safeguard™ Deployment generator designed to further minimize the risk of stock-out across the source network utilizing statistical methods based on demand plans and related data
  • Enhanced administrative options to facilitate maintenance of the system
  • New Inventory Policy management tool
  • New jobs interface that facilitates the request, tracking, and merge of data parcels into the Avail system
  • Enhanced framework enables multi-form editors that allow users to view multiple editors on one screen
  • New Grid Toolbar that allows users to save custom window arrangements
  • Production Worksheet Reports now capable of displaying comprehensive production run notes

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