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Prevail6 is a demand planning tool designed and supported by Areté, Inc. to better predict product sales across numerous locations. Areté designed Prevail to combine two separate and equally important approaches to create a good demand plan:

  • Analysis of historical sales and statistical prediction of future behavior
  • Direct input and analysis of demand by planners

Benefits of the Prevail System

More Accurate Demand Planning

Prevail6 is based on Café™ (Configurable Auto-Weighting Forecasting Engine). Café is Areté's proprietary technology to generate extremely accurate forecasts. Café methodically looks for subtle relationships between different types of market information (pricing, promotions, exceptions, trends, seasonality) and constructs multi-leveled models based on those that consistently predict sales historically.

More Productive Demand Planners

In Prevail 6.0, the planner can decide whether a particular demand combination should be forecasted in Market Groups (i.e. further broken down into Key Accounts or Channels) or whether it is sufficiently stable to be forecasted at the Operational Level.

With Prevail 6.0, the planner can focus their attention on those combos that drive sales variability. The planner does not need to enter or manage market information for op-only combos.

Prevail 6.0 Vistas™ allow the planner to manipulate large collections of data with a single entry. The planner can increase or decrease the forecast of any number of combos by defining a Vista Set. These definitions can then be stored for later use if desired. Vistas can also be used to effortlessly enter market information such as pricing or exceptions across a set of combos.

Planners can Focus on Forecasting, not Data

Prevail 6.0 comes with a rich and robust set of data interfaces. This allows Prevail to be entirely in synch with Enterprise Master Data. Locations, products, sales histories, etc. are all accessed seamlessly through the interfaces, which means there is no need to manage two sets of master data. Users can spend much less time sorting through and managing data, allowing them to concentrate on improving forecasts.

Planners and Managers can Easily Analyze Results

Prevail 6.0 offers scores of metrics for the demand planning process. Reports can be instantly defined using the new multi-dimensional Meta-Query Engine. The user selects how they want to view the data based on the location, product, market, or time hierarchies. For instance, a product may belong to a brand-flavor, which in turn belongs to a category. A user could choose to print sales, forecasting accuracy, and mean error grouped by category, location, and period.

Implementation Process

Prevail implementation is a five-stage process. Each stage of the implementation process is described in the Standard Implementation Plan. Click here to view a pdf version of the Standard Prevail Implementation Plan.

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