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Prevail7 is a demand planning application designed by Areté, Inc. to support a collaborative forecasting process with forecasting partners.

Benefits of the Prevail System

Prevail7 was developed with an emphasis on streamlining collaborative demand planning processes. Key benefits of Prevail7 are:

  • Ability to graphically display historical sales/forecasts and current and future forecasts, as well as budget figures
  • Increased forecast accuracy through facilitated consensus
  • Reduced inventory write-off
  • Ability to compare multiple forecasts at one time on one screen
  • Functionality that allows the creation of demand versions that can be queried for reporting purposes


Prevail7 includes automated methodologies to merge demand plans from partners to support collaborative planning at defined levels. As a part of this collaboration, Prevail enables the creation of reports for comparison of actual vs. forecast at each level and enables an environment where CSRs can work towards consensus with their partners in order to achieve a single demand plan.