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Prevail is a state-of-the-art demand planning application that can be used to create accurate Weekly Sales Forecasts. Prevail8 was developed to provide an integrated forecasting solution that is more flexible, powerful, responsive, secure and measurable than prior Prevail versions. Detailed forecasts developed within Prevail8 are designed to roll-up to highly accurate operational forecasts (by Product x Warehouse x Day) which are utilized within a Replenishment Planning System. Areté plans to retire the legacy Prevail7 application by the end of 2011, and we strongly encourage all clients to upgrade to Prevail8 as soon as possible to realize the significant benefits outlined below.

Benefits of the Prevail System

Flexible Forecasting Models

More Dimensions of Data
Prevail8 features six dimensions of sales data in order to produce the best possible forecast models and results. The lowest level of data granularity within Prevail8 is the Detail Combo, which is a unique combination of a warehouse, product, channel, account, territory, and distributor. Though the use of all six data dimensions is not required, dimensionality will be adapted to fit specific material, market and delivery information for each client.

Sophisticated Methodologies for Bundling and Slicing Data
Bundling is an intelligent way to group Detail Combos into Model Combos across dataset dimensions using different rules to produce optimal forecast models. Bundling is now more flexible than in prior versions, allowing multiple levels at which to model forecasts that did not exist in legacy versions.

Powerful Forecasting Techniques

Enhanced Ability to Handle Exceptions
Prevail8 features eight configurable Exception event types (e.g. Special Events, Summer Holidays, Winter Holidays, Special Packaging, Hot Price Promotion, etc.) and supports simultaneous occurrences of exceptions during a given sales week. Exception model calculations can now utilize outlet participation percentage in the specific exception to better predict the effects of promotion. These and other Prevail8 features will help facilitate product market launches in a time-phased fashion.

Advanced Statistical Tools
Prevail8 provides a more sophisticated statistical method for detecting sales outlers which should then be excluded from the Model-level data used to create forecasts. The application performs numerical analysis to evaluate multicollinearity of data more efficiently.

Improved management of Seasonality
Seasonality patterns will now be identified within any data dimension rather than just warehouse-product. Prevail8 more readily recognizes non-seasonal dips and spikes in sales and will utilize alternative smoothing parameters for weekly seasonality computations. Users can choose to apply separate smoothing algorithms for weekly forecasting versus monthly planning for flexibility and accuracy.


Implementation Process

Prevail implementation is a five-stage process. Each stage of the implementation process is described in the Standard Implementation Plan. Click here to view a pdf version of the Standard Prevail Implementation Plan.

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