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Avail6 is an integrated suite of Value/Supply Chain Management tools created by Areté, Inc. specifically for consumer packaged goods industries. Avail is the latest in a long line of proven Areté products that have been implemented in hundreds of manufacturing sites, plants, and distribution centers around the world.

A full Avail system consists of six integrated modules that help plants schedule production, material batches, raw materials, orders and deployments to distribution centers and provide historical inventory reconciliation and variance reporting. These modules share common master data that describes all product-site combinations controlled by Avail and can be installed on several network architectures (application, file, or terminal server). The modules can be implemented simultaneously or rolled-out in separate, distinct phases.

Avail System Benefits
Avail will help your manufacturing facilities to:

  • Reduce product changeovers
  • Reduce the number of production schedule changes
  • Decrease inventory costs
  • Substantially reduce Out-of-Stocks
  • Improve product rotation and reduce dumpage
  • Substantially decrease inventory shrinkage
  • Maximize transport loading efficiency
  • Centralize and organize enterprise-wide information

Areté's Prevail and Avail work in concert to manage both your supply side planning and scheduling allowing you to focus on process improvement.